my why

Updated: Jan 19

In my daily hot yoga class, the teacher always reminds me to think of my "why" as I struggle to hold Warrior II. My why has changed a lot over the years. when I first took a yoga asana class I think I was 14 or 15 and was only seeking the physical benefits. As I've grown, my why has grown as well. Now my reason for practicing yoga is to connect with God. Asana is amazing and I love it, but the other aspects of yoga such as ethics and philosophy really transformed my life spiritually. The yamas and niyamas of yoga are my favorite to explore right now and reflect on. Yoga teaches us to do no harm, to be truthful, to have integrity, to study ourselves and surrender to the Universe. Yoga is about actually doing the internal work. If we allow it to, yoga can guide us out of suffering and into true spiritual liberation. This is the bigger picture. No matter what your "why" is or what brings you to your practice, showing up for yourself is truly the first step.

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